Inportante Information

HANGAR 2020 FUN PARK is an amusement park for everyone and the following rules have been established to ensure the safety of all its visitors.
It is compulsory to respect the signs and instructions given, both in the Safety Zone videos and by the staff.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations, as well as disrespect for the instructions given, may result in the visitor being expelled from the park, without the right to any refund.

HANGAR2020 accepts no responsibility for any damage, personal or material, caused by failure to comply with the safety rules or regulations in force.



It is strictly forbidden to enter the activity area:

1. entering without the accompaniment of an instructor/coach/teacher/staff member;
2. Wearing shoes or entering barefoot (you must wear non-slip HANGAR2020 socks, which can be purchased at reception)
can be purchased from reception);
3. More than one person per trampoline;
4. More than one person per slide;
5. Sliding down the slide on your stomach (prone position) or headfirst;
6. More than one person per float;
7. Sliding down the slide on your stomach (prone position) or upside down;
8. Running, pushing, grabbing, throwing oneself headfirst into the airbag or trampolines, as well as jumping on one foot;
9. Performing stunts without the necessary skills, without professional training or without the supervision of an instructor/coach/teacher/collaborator;
10. HANGAR2020 will not reimburse participants who do not turn up on the date and time of the visit if the person responsible for the group has previously asked HANGAR2020 for full payment;
11. If the visit is cancelled, the amount of the booking will not be refunded, but the client will be able to change the date if possible (they have 30 days to extend the date), subject to HANGAR2020's availability;
12. If, on the day and time of the visit, more people turn up than those indicated on the booking date, they will not be able to enter the amusement park, as the park has a maximum authorised capacity;
13. Groups have a minimum number of participants - 10. If the minimum number is not met, the 10 participants will be charged;
14. All participants must arrive 30 minutes before the park entry time to watch the safety video, distribute their wristbands and HANGAR2020 anti-slip socks;
15. Children and young people between the ages of 1 and 10 will be asked for their ID card to guarantee entry (it can be in physical or digital format - a photo of their ID card). Children and young people up to the age of 14 can only use the trampoline area as long as the person responsible for the group is inside the facilities (HANGAR2020 park);
16. The activity (use of the park) starts at a set time. Set times are always by the hour, for example 4pm or 5pm or 6pm...;
17. If a member of the group arrives after the park entrance, they may be refused access
18. The group visit lasts approximately 1 hour (including the warm-up and leaving the park);
19. The visit ends at the scheduled time, without prejudice to subsequent entries. If there is a delay due to the responsibility of the participants, a penalty of 200€ will be applied;
20. The person in charge of the group must take care of all the participants' objects.
HANGAR2020 is not responsible for their safekeeping.

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